A Regional Heather Growing Guide

For many years, people growing heather have had difficulty getting complete, factual information on the do’s and don’ts of growing heather in the northeast part of the country. Weather and soil in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic vary considerably from England and Pacific Northwest areas where heather writers have come from in the past. Several years ago, the Northeast Heather Society began compiling heather growing information from its members. This effort was spear-headed by Donald Mackay and the content of the guide also reflects the many years of Donald’s heather growing experiences and his unique witticisms.

This heather growing guide, designed specifically for areas in the north and east of this continent, gives special attention to problem areas. As you move away from the coast and the moderating effects of the sea on temperature and humidity, one moves into the interior regions where heather growing is marginally more difficult and challenging, and the need for such a guide is evident. Examples of highly successful heather gardens from as far south as the Smokies to the frigid regions north of upper Ontario are given.

You don't have to live in inaccessible places to benefit from A Regional Heather Growing Guide. Almost surely you will find several sections in this Guide that you will think are written only for you. Sections include optimum siting of plants in the garden, soil preparation, fertilization needs, and planting techniques for both new plants, and the old ones that need a new lease on life. All are fully described.

In addition, those who live along the Pacific coast, particularly from Oregon north to British Columbia, should experience many climate similarities to that described here. In many ways the Pacific coast offers easier conditions than the Atlantic, and advice offered here should be fully applicable.

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The Regional Heather Growing Guide contains 36 pages with 20 chapters:
  • Introduction
  • Definition of Regional
  • Notes on Using the Guide
  • Siting & Sun/Shade Requirements
  • Soil Preparation
  • Planting
  • Chalky Soils
  • Pruning
  • Fertilizing
  • Spring Maintenance
  • Propagating Heathers
  • Winter Protection
  • Repair, Rejuvenation & Resuscitation
  • Plant Interactions
  • Stand By the Standbys
  • The Problem with Erica x Darleyensis
  • Pests
  • The Deer Control Problem
  • Condensed Advice for a New Gardener
  • Conclusion: It’s Not as Bad as it Seems
The Fells

There is a center section of 8 color photos and several black white photos to enhance chapter information. The document dimensions are 5½” x 8½”, center stapled, using high quality paper for cover, text and photos. The Regional Heather Growing Guide is available for sale and immediate shipment to members of the Northeast Heather Society at a cost of $7.95 (inclds. S&H). You will find an order form for the Guide in this issue for your convenience. Cost schedule for non-US members is also included on the order form. The reward for placing an order is three fold:

• 100% of all monies will go to support the Northeast Heather Society

• The information in the Guide will be most helpful in solving any heather cultural growing problems you may have

• If your heathers are happy this guide will serve to support your current heather growing practices.